Preparation & Aftercare


  • Cleanse the skin with a non oil-based skin cleanser. Oil and heavy moisturizers will prevent the activation of the sunless tanner and the color will not develop fully.

  • Exfoliate - Do not use an abrasive exfoliate (like a loofah, salt or sugar scrub) because that will create little scratches on the surface of the skin. It is best to stick to exfoliates that dissolve dead skin cells and leave the surface smooth and even.

  • pH Balance - If you have dry areas on your body, rub on a little aloe before bronzing it up. This will make the absorption rate even, thus preventing darker patches.

  • Remove unwanted hair; you should wax, shave or laser the day before your sunless tan. Make sure there is no oil or moisturizer on your skin before you apply a self tanner.


  • Wait at least 8 to 12 hours to shower, swim, exercise or sweat. This will enable you to achieve full activation, keeping your color vibrant, even and flawless much longer.

  • Drink plenty of water; by keeping your skin hydrated from the inside, you will keep the skin cells on your body longer. This will add radiance to your healthy looking faux glow!

  • Use a tan extender - By keeping the little skin cells plumped up with moisture, you will prevent dehydration from setting in, which will slow down your body's natural shedding of skin cells. This will keep the color on your body longer.

  • Touch up - When areas such as the face, hands or feet begin to fade, there is no need to do a full-body application. Spray a little of our Go On The Glo sunless tanning product on those areas.

  • *Before you get ready to do your next full-body treatment, remember to remove the remnants of your previous application. The worse thing to do is layer sunless over sunless. The best way is to soak in a tub with sea salt and essential oils. Slough off the color as gently as possible. The following day, do your non-abrasive exfoliate. You will be ready to start again!

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