LED - Red Light Slimming - After Treatment Protocol

NYC - NuShape Red Light Slimming

Take In More Water

It is crucial that you increase your water intake to flush the contents of the fat cells released during your treatment. We recommend that you drink an increased and significant amount of water throughout the day to maximize your body’s hydration level and allow the water to rinse your system. Unreleased fat-cell waste can be reabsorbed if not effectively expelled.

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Food Intake

To shrink fat cells, it is imperative to maintain a good diet and limit your daily caloric intake to balance with the number of calories that you burn that day. Within the 48 hours following your treatment, you should restrict all sugars (sweet tea, sodas, sweets or any items containing sugar or high fructose corn syrup), fats (including dairy and all fried foods), carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta and dried beans), and coffee or other caffeinated beverages. Otherwise, your system will find it difficult to process and remove the waste from your body.

We recommend a diet consisting of lean protein, vegetables, whole grains and some fruit. Additionally, abstinence from any beer or liquor is advised because alcohol hampers your liver for approximately an hour, making it unavailable for processing discharged fat.

What To Wear

Following your treatment, you will require clothing that will help to support and keep your skin firm. We recommend that you wear a compression garment to maintain a toned and tight shape throughout your slimming process. Wearing compression clothing will also assist your lymphatic system to process the released fat and reshape your body. You should wear this clothing tight for as many hours a day as can be tolerated. Various shape-wear options are neoprene (belts, pants and sleeves) clothing, compression stockings, Spanx underwear. Continue this practice from the day of the first treatment until one week after your final procedure.

NYC - NuShape Red Light Slimming