LED - Red Light Slimming Services

Pink Sands is proud to introduce our LED red-light therapy system and offer our clients an easy and non-invasive way to reduce inches in up to 6 different target areas. Our LED red-light therapy program provides a more-effective and well-advanced application than any other competing product in the market.

How It Works

Recently, the technology of Red Light Therapy has greatly impacted the way to reduce fat and both tighten and rejuvenate skin. The safety and effectiveness of this hi-tech therapy has been analyzed and approved by leading research organizations including the acclaimed Mayo Clinic and NASA. Invasive surgery, needles, incisions and recovery time are eliminated.

The red light depletes and reduces fat cells while also tightening and smoothing your skin, adding new collagen and elastin. This red light technology is thoroughly non-invasive, has never shown any recorded side effects, and clients do not experience any unpleasantness during the process.


Individuals can lose an average of 2 inches in the first 1-hour session using our potent and efficient phototherapy technique. A healthy diet and exercise program for several weeks are advised after treatments. It is best to commit to 2-3 weekly appointments during your program. Infrared saunas, foot baths, acupuncture, whole body vibration and lymphatic massage can further enhance your overall results.


LED - Red Light Slimming Services

1 - Hour Treatment - $175.00 (Current Promotional Price)

This procedure is 4 times as powerful as i-lipo, Zerona and other traditional red light slimming treatments. An hour-long session effectively treats 6 different target areas (love handles, lower back, abdominals, arms, upper thighs, buttocks) of your choice with the highest-quality and most cutting-edge technology LEDs. You can experience a full-body treatment in only one hour! Lose at least 2 inches in your first full-body session.

With our special offer, we will provide 6 (1-hour) sessions for $675.00 (plus tax)
This worthwhile package deal will save you $375.00!

30 - Minute Treatment - $129.00 (Current Promotional Price)

In just 30-minutes, 4 different areas-of-choice spot treatments target your love handles, lower back, abdominal area, arms, upper thighs and buttocks.

With our special offer, we are providing 6 (30-minutes) sessions for $495.00 (plus tax)
This worthwhile package deal will save you $279.00!

10-Minute Whole Body Vibration

This recommended and complimentary Pink Sands VibraPlate machine will gently stimulate the lymphatic system and flush released fat out of your body. 10 minutes of whole-body vibration stimulates the lymph and quickens metabolism as much as a 40-minute workout. The best part is that our machine does all the work.

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Individual results vary and cannot be guaranteed.